SurveySite Mini Prism Set (#MPR-001)

  • Includes: plumb bob prism point, bracket, S-hook, 5/8-11 thread, carrying case with belt loop.
  • 0mm/-30mm offset
  • Silver coated
  • Bubble vial on the side

SurveySite Mini Prism Set (#MPR-011)

SurveySite Mini Prism with Stakeout Rod (#MPR-002)

  • Includes: 4 section pole, allen key, 5/8-11 adaptor, carrying case
  • 0mm offset
  • Leveling bubble on both top and bottom

 SurveySite Fixed L-Bar 25mm diameter Mini Prism (#MPR-003)

  • Ideal for permanent mounting
  • 0mm offset for Leica
  • 25mm copper coated
  • Dust and water resistent
  • L-Bar made of black anodized aluminum with 10.3mm mounting hole

SurveySite Leica style mini-prism, +17.5mm prism offset (#MPR-004)

SurveySite L-Bar Monitoring Prism 64mm diameter, -30mm prism offset constant

SurveySite Prism (#PR-001)

  • 0mm/-30mm offset
  • Silver coated
  • 5/8-11 thread

SurveySite Leica style Prism (#PR-002)

  • -34mm offset
  • Leica snap-lock

SurveySite 360 Trimble/Spectra Precision style Robotic Prism (+2mm) (#RPR-001)

  • Seven 25.4mm prisms
  • +2mm offset
  • Includes height adapter system with 5/8-11 thread

SurveySite 360 Leica style Robotic Prism (+23.1mm) (#RPR-002)

  • Six prisms bound together
  • +23.1mm offset
  • Leica snap-lock

SurveySite 360 Leica Style Robotic Prism (+23.1mm) with 5/8-11 thread on top (#RPR-003)

SurveySite 360 Leica style Mini Robotic Prism (+30mm) with Stakeout Rod (#RPR-006)

  • Six prisms bound together
  • +30mm offset
  • Leveling bubble vial for rod included

SurveySite Road Monitoring Prism (Metal) (#RMP-001)