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SurveySite offers quality after-market surveyors’ & contractors’ accessories at the lowest prices possible. Integrated with nearly 40 years experience from the surveying industry, SurveySite supplies a full range of dependable surveyors’ & contractors’ accessories with superior workmanship and precision to the finest details.  These include: instrument tripods, bipods/tripods for poles, prism & GNSS poles, tribrachs & adaptors, prisms, leveling rods, reflective sheets, data collector brackets, and auto levels & theodolites.  D W Technologies Ltd. has been in operation since 1996 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

To become a SurveySite customer or partner, please email sales@SurveySite.ca.

The SurveySite brand and Survey-Max tripod are trademarks of D W Technologies Ltd.


 20140509_232238Backsite BS-001SP80 on SurveySite Survey-Max

20140509_234545Leica GPH1 Prism

Survey-Max Heavy Duty Fiberglass Tripod TRP-001